Harvest Festival Sung Common Worship
10.10.2021    10:30
Led by Father Paul Gifts for the food bank

Here are some photographs of the Harvest Thanksgiving Service held on Sunday 10th October.

This was the first Harvest service led by Father Paul Robinson.

The church was decorated with beautiful flowers and window displays created by different groups such as the choir, Guiding Units, Mini Church and Mother’s Union.

  • Start
  • Altar

The service was very well-attended. The Guiding and Scouting Units presented their flags, and everyone was able to hand their gifts of non-perishable foods at the altar. All donations will be taken to the Foodbank.

  • Music group

As well as singing traditional harvest hymns, such as ‘We Plough the Fields and Scatter’, everyone learned a new song, ‘We can plough and dig’. The music group accompanied this song, in which children (and adults) performed actions.

  • Song

Father Paul showed a video version of ‘The Parable of the Sower’ before his brief talk. After the communion, there was a fun ‘making pizza’ activity which involved adults and children.

  • Pizza 1
  • Pizza 2

High levels of participation meant that everyone felt involved and enjoyed the service.

 It was worshipful and fun as well as giving us all something to remember and think about

  • End