September 2021
  • 15.09.2021    19:30
    Led by Bishop Philip of Burnley a Holy Communion with a full choir and incense. Visitors in the shape of Priests from the local area, Priests who had helped during the vacancy, Paul’s family and friends and previous Parishioners. During the service Bishop Philip interviewed Paul about various questions but we all learnt that Paul is excited about the imminent opening of the Home Bargains shop in Leyland.
  • 19.09.2021    15:00
    There was a palpable sense of joyful celebration in Blackburn Cathedral last weekend as more than 100 Church of England Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs) from across the County gathered to renew their commitment to ministry. The Cathedral’s usual Saturday Evensong was buzzing with excited anticipation as the LLMs assembled for the relicensing service, which only happens every three years.