Weddings & Baptisms

Should you wish to get married or have yourself or a family member baptised please contact Father Paul. We can arrange blessings for all civil marriages. This includes same sex marriages.

If you would like to have your self or your child baptised at St Ambrose please contact Father Paul . You will be required to attend a preparation evening at church and return the forms on that evening. Generally we do not perform Baptisms in Lent or Advent.


Please pray for the following wedding couplesgetting married at St Ambrose over the coming months.

If you want to get married or have a civil marriage blessed at St Ambrose please contact Father Paul 

Faith References for Schools

Important information concerning children wishing to attend C of E schools

The schools require certain worship criteria to be met and we have to provide a faith reference to the school,which states the number of times your child and you as parents attend St Ambrose.

There are two categories for church schools which you will need to check with the relevant school for their particular requirements and these may include:

1. Regular fortnightly attendance or Monthly attendance which includes church worship and or Sunday School.

2. Regular attendance over a period of not less than 2 years , some state a minimum of six months.

Consequently there is a book at the back of the church for you to sign each time you attend church and which the Vicar will use to provide the school with information about your attendance.

You must ask the sides persons (the people who give the books out) to give you this book to sign when you attend. Fill it in with Block Capitals followed by your signature.

If you have any problems please speak to Vicar. Just having your child Baptised at St Ambrose is no longer enough to meet the faith commitment element stated by the school.

We cannot provide a positive reference to the school if you do not attend church and the proof is not in the book.